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Our portfolio covers retail, FMCG, small business, franchising and e-commerce.

We love what we do, but at the same time know the meaning of hard work. We connect and engage through print, websites, video, social, events, experiences and reports. 

We know that developing an engaged and loyal audience doesn’t happen overnight, but is a must-have for any brand. Don’t take our word for it. There’s over 168,000 professionals signed up to receive our content daily – and climbing.


Our communities are far-reaching. Everyday, we influence, educate and inspire our fast-growing professional audience.


Our people are our greatest asset. In order to empower audiences, we need a team that loves what they do and challenges the status quo.


Trust is earned not given. We’ve built long-lasting partnerships through hard work and exceptional results.

Nati Harpaz and Oliver Ranck

Where it all began


“Some things benefit from shocks: they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder and stress, and love adventure, risk and uncertainty.”

These words, from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile, exemplify the Octomedia journey – a true story of success amid chaos (described internally as #octomadness).

Octomedia’s origins date back to 1972, when Inside Retail – the business’s flagship brand – was born. Skip 42 years, and despite a clunky web experience, readership and brand recognition were high while subscription rates, although on the decline, were still healthy.

Cue two tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Nati Harpaz (current Chairman of Octomedia and Co-founder of B2B marketplace Tradesquare) and Oliver Ranck (current Octomedia Director and Co-founder of Future Neutral) who took on the business in early 2014. Both came from entrepreneurial backgrounds, with a good understanding of technology and digital: a key focus of their turnaround plan for the business.

Many would relate to hard work being an important part of any growing business, and with a team of just seven, the early days of Octomedia were exactly that.

In four short years, the publishing business grew from one masthead to five, achieved an impressive 10 times organic growth and established one of APAC’s largest retail industry expo and conference.

Today, the business is recognised as a global, award-winning B2B media hub committed to creating impact through content.

Octomedia’s team of media and marketing executives, journalists, editors, marketing and technical professionals have a proven track record of understanding and captivating audiences. It’s in our DNA.